Flexi Roll Cart 360

  • Possibility to use within your factory
  • Strong and easy construction for a long lifetime
  • Removing strains of heavy rolls
  • Conform to health and safety regulations

Easy Roll Handling 

Health and Safety of your employees are a priority to us – the Flexi Roll Cart 360 minimizes the risk of handling rolls by your employees and hence makes their job more efficient and ergonomic.

The Construction is easy but yet robust and for your employees indispensible. No need to charge batteries – a solid mechanical device which is ready any time you need it.

Standard Features: 

  • Rolls up to 250kg
  • For standard 2000m rolls
  • Roll width up to 520mm
  • Easy to roll onto cart with self braking mechanism

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Web width:

Max. roll diameter:

Dimensions: L x W x H:

Technical Specifications: 

520mm (20.5″)

limited by weight: 250kg


  • Self Adhesive Label Stock Material
  • Filmic Material
  • Tri-Laminate
  • Offset Paper

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